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Council Tax: Datasets

Some information released through a Freedom of Information or Environmental Regulations request may be of general public interest.  In these cases, we'll make this information available in datasets here.


Council Tax Collection

Council tax is the main source of locally-raised income for local authorities. Council tax collection data analyses the amount of council tax that Welsh local authorities collected in each financial year.

View more information on Council Tax Collection on the StatsWales website


Council Tax Levels

Council tax is  calculated based on the council tax band assigned to each dwelling. Properties in each Welsh local authority are assigned to one of nine valuation bands: A to I.

View more information on Council Tax Levels on the StatsWales website


Council Tax Dwellings 

Council tax dwellings data provides details of the number of dwellings liable for council tax in Welsh local authorities for the financial year. The data also shows details of council tax discounts and exemptions.

View more information on Council Tax dwellings data on the StatsWales website


Accounts With Credits Written-On

This list includes Council Tax accounts that have a credit balance (+£20) that have been written-on. The data includes the credit amount written-on and the financial year it relates to. If you think you are entitled to an amount in this list you will need to complete a refund application form.

Credit balances written-on list June 2018 [12KB]

*This data is updated every June.



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