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In-year transfers

If you wish to transfer your child to a different school at any time (except due to moving house), you should discuss this with the Headteacher of your current school. Then you should approach the Headteacher of your chosen school and discuss the possibility of admission, explaining why you want to change schools.

You will then need to complete an  'In-Year Transfer form'. [247KB]

If your application for transfer is approved, your child will change schools at the beginning of a term or half term. The transfer will normally be approved, as long as it doesn't affect the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources and is in line with any admission procedures the school has agreed with the council.

Failure to complete each section of the application form fully, including the section for the Headteacher of the outgoing school, will result in the form being returned and will delay the process.

Applications should not be made more than a term in advance. School places cannot be reserved and places are allocated, where possible, close to the date child will attend. Once a school place has been offered the start date should be agreed with the school.

Applications received during school holidays cannot be considered until schools re-open.

We are unable to consider applications until you can give us confirmation of your moving date. A solicitor's letter to confirm exchange of contracts or a copy of your signed rental agreement may be required to support your application. Please include this with your application if possible.

If your application is due to a move into the UK, you will need to send us a copy of the pupil's passport, birth certificate, child benefit letter or medical card, along with a copy of your rental agreement or exchange of contracts letter. Please send copies with your application. We may ask you for more evidence.

You may state two preferences on your application form. If we can't offer a place at your first or second preference, a place will be allocated at the nearest school to your home address with available places.

If your home address changes and you wish to transfer your child to another school, the normal admission process will apply.

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