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Notice: Revised Waste and Recycling Collections over Christmas and New Year
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High School meals and prices

Freshly prepared dishes from our 3 week menu below, including a choice of potatoes, vegetables or salad and a pudding at £2.55 per meal

Also Available Daily Are Jacket Potatoes with Various Fillings, Pasta as an alternative Carbohydrate, Salad, and Fresh Fruit & Water

We can also provide vegan and special dietary menus when requested

V = Suitable for a Vegan diet

Week beginning: 11th Nov / 2nd Dec / 6th Jan / 27th Jan
Week 1Main MealVegetarian MealCarbohydrateSide DishDessert
MondayChicken Grill in a BapCheese and Vegetable Country BakeHerby diced PotatoesBaked beansFresh Fruit or Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
TuesdaySausages & GravyQuorn Sausages Mashed or boiled potatoes Fresh Carrots and Green BeansFresh Fruit or Trifle
WednesdayCottage Pie or Lasagne

Homemade Vegetarian Cottage Pie (V)

Roast PotatoesMixed VegetablesFresh Fruit or Angel Delight
ThursdayRoast Turkey with Stuffing and GravyBroccoli Cheese BakeMashed or boiled potatoes Fresh Carrots and Broccoli Fresh Fruit or carrot cake and milk
FridayFish Finger or Salmon Bake or Chicken Tikka CurryCheese and Vegetable Country Bake Chips, Pasta or Rice Baked Beans or Peas, Tomato KetchupFresh Fruit or Eves pudding & custard

Week beginning: 18th Nov / 9th Dec / 13th Jan / 3rd Feb
Week 2Main MealVegetarian MealCarbohydrateSide DishDessert
MondayBeef Grill in a BapCheese and Vegetable Country BakeHerby diced PotatoesBaked beansFresh Fruit or Rice Pudding with Jam
TuesdayChicken with Sage and Onion Stuffing and GravyQuorn with StuffingMashed or boiled potatoes Fresh Carrots and BroccoliFresh Fruit or Cheese cake and Fruit Juice
WednesdayHomemade Spaghetti Bolognese

Homemade Vegetarian Bolognese (V)

Spaghetti and Garlic BreadSweetcornFresh Fruit or Chocolate and Mandarin sponge and Chocolate sauce
ThursdayRoast Pork with roast potatoes, apple sauce and Gravy Quorn Roast Mashed or boiled potatoes Fresh Carrots and Green Beans Fresh Fruit or Flapjack, a portion of raisins and Milk
FridayFish in batter or Chip Shop Chicken curryOmeletteChips or Pasta or Rice Baked Beans or Peas, Tomato KetchupFresh Fruit or Cheese and Biscuits

Week beginning: 4th Nov / 25th Nov / 16th Dec / 20th Jan / 10th Feb
Week 3Main MealVegetarian MealCarbohydrateSide DishDessert
MondayMeatballsVegetarian Meat Free Balls Pasta and Garlic BreadMixed VegetableFresh Fruit or Apple crumble and Custard
TuesdaySliced Turkey with Sage, Onion Stuffing and GravyQuorn RoastMashed or boiled potatoes Fresh Carrots and PeasFresh Fruit or Chocolate haystack and Fruit juice
WednesdayMini Grill
(Bacon, sausage & ½ Omelette)
Vegetarian grill
(2 Quorn sausage & ½ Omelette)
Hash BrownsBaked Beans Fresh Fruit or Fruit Yoghurt and Peaches
ThursdayRoast Beef with Yorkshire pudding and Gravy Cheese and potato pieMashed or boiled potatoesFresh Carrots and Green CabbageFresh Fruit or Blueberry muffin and Milk
FridayFish or Chicken Korma CurryCheese and Vegetable Country BakeChips, Pasta or Rice Baked Beans or Peas, Tomato KetchupFresh Fruit or Jam tart and custard


Main Meal:
Including PuddingExcluding Pudding
Pupil £2.55 / Adult 4.50Pupil £2.15 / Adult £3.80

Morning breakPupil / AdultGrad and Go PotsPupil / AdultJacket Potato Pupil / Adult
Toast31p / 37pPasta King£1.75 / £2.10Jacket Potato£1.50 / £1.80
Crumpet40p / 50pCurry and Rice Pot£1.70 / £2.04Low Fat Spread Portion12p / 14p
½ Tea Cake40p / 50pPlain Pasta / Rice Pot£1 / £2.20Jacket Potato Single Filling£1.60 / £1.92
½ Bagel with Garlic Butter57p / 68pGrated Cheese45p / 54pJacket Potato Cheese & Beans £2 / £2.40
½ Bacon Baguette£1 / £1.20SaladsPupil / AdultJacket Potato Cheese & Coleslaw£2 / £2.40
½ Vegetarian Sausage Baguette£1 / £1.20Salad Box£1.10 / £1.32Jacket Potato Cheese & Tuna£2 / £2.40
Layered Wrap95p / £1.14Turkey Salad Box£1.60 / £1.92Fruit, Yogurt & Ice CreamPupil / Adult
Pizza Slice 14s65p / 78pHam Salad Box£1.60 / £1.92Fresh Fruit Item 55p / 66p
½ Loaded Jacket Skin95p / £1.14Tuna Salad Box£1.60 / £1.92Fruit Bag 100g £1 / £1.20
Bread BasketPupil / AdultFalafel Salad Box£1.60 / £1.92Fruit Yogurt 60p / 72p
Standard Sandwich £1 / £1.20Cheese Salad Box£1.60 / £1.92Callipo £1 / £1.20
Premium Sandwich £1.60 / £1.92Cookies, Cakes and DessertsPupil / Adult Mini Milk 62p / 74p
Sub Roll£1.80 / £2.16Dessert of the Day85p / £1.02Ice Cream Tub 55p / 66p
5” Filled Bap£1.50 / £1.80Cookies55p / 66pHot Drinks Pupil / Adult
Filled Baguette £2 / £2.40Shortbread55p / 66pTea / Coffee60p / 72p
½ Filled Baguette £1 / £1.20Individual Cakes 95p / £1.14 Hot Chocolate 60p / 72p
Panini£2.20 / £2.64Welsh Cake 50p / 60pCold Drinks Pupils / Adults
½Panini£2.20 / £2.64Branded Cakes and BiscuitsPupil / Adult Radnor Hills Water 55p / 66p
Filled Wrap £1.70 / £2.04Flapjack60p / 72p Milk 1 Pint 95p / £1.14
Baked Beans on Toast91p / £1.09 Cookies 60p / 72pTetra Juice 200ml 55p / 66p
ExtrasPupil / Adult Mini Muffins60p / 72p Radnor Fizz 330ml 75p / 90p
Sauce Sachet 12p / 14p Ginger Bread 60p / 72p Radnor Fruit 330ml 90p / £1.10
Disposable Cutlery5p / 6p Milkshake £1 / £1.20

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