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Real Nappies Incentive

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From birth to potty the average child will go through around 5,000 nappies, producing almost a tonne of rubbish!  Collecting and disposing of this waste increases landfill and costs tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Image of some cloth nappies

But it doesn't have to be this way. By switching to re-usable 'real' nappies you can help save the environment, save taxpayers money, but also save yourself a small fortune!   

Over the years, the costs of disposable nappies really add up.  Compare this to re-usable nappies, where one-off packs (which include all the kit needed to go from new-born to potty-trained) can be found for as little as £250. Even better, these kits can be re-used again for future babies if your family grows.  That means you could save over £1,000 over the whole family. Not bad!

Modern real nappies are fun, stylish and fashionable available in a range of patterns, designs, sizes and colours with easy to use adjustable Velcro or popper fastening. 

In Powys, we offer an incentive of up to £100 (minimum claim £50) per family towards the cost of re-usable nappies to help you along the way. 

If you would like to apply for the Powys Real Nappies Incentive scheme please see the leaflet for full eligibility, terms and conditions [90KB] and application form [506KB] to print off - it really is that easy.

Due to our staff home-working arrangements currently in place, we are only able to accept applications electronically, we cannot process any documents sent in by post. Please submit all forms and copies of documents required to

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